Chinguetti is an ancient medieval trading center just east of Atar, in the heart of the Adrar region. It is one of four ancient Mauritanian cities, and easily accessible.


Nestled in the Adrar Plateau, Ouadane is one of the four ancient Mauritanian cities. It was a destination on the trans-Saharan trade route and the closest city to the Richat Structure.

Richat Structure

The Richat Structure is a prominent geological formation in the Adrar region northwest of Ouadane. It is often used as a frame of reference for astronauts in orbit.

Big Dunes of Azouega

Large dunes tower over the desert floor in a nomadic area. There is an oasis nearby which makes it a scenic area to visit.

Singing Dunes

Singing Dunes are unique dunes that produce a loud, echoing sound when people slide down them. It’s a naturally occurring phenomenon that only exists in this place.

Canyon of Amogjare

The canyon is home to a couple different points of interest, including ancient rock paintings from nomadic tribes of the past, and an cinema relic from the French film “Fort Saganne” created in the 80’s.

Desert Oases

Visit tranquil and preserved desert oases in the western Sahara, where nomads and travelers get relief from the raw desert elements.