A sailboat shored up in Banc d'Arguin


Aside from organized tours, Sidi Tours also offers several other services.

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Sidi is a renown fixer in Mauritania and connect you with many prominent people throughout the country for interviews and information that you may be seeking for a news segment, documentary, or film.


Sidi and his team speak many languages and can help with communications in the region for business, art, or leisure purposes. They can assist with translations in these languages.

Arabic French English German Italian


We have access to affordable rentals for all types of transportation in Nouakchott and Chinguetti.

Camels 4X4 Trucks Passenger Cars

Catering and Logistics

We coordinate full food catering, tents, and amenities for any type of event or occasion. Let us do the work so you can enjoy your company and your time.

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