Goats by a tree in the old city of Chinguetti, Mauritania

Why Sidi Tours?

Sidi Tours Mauritania is a unique kind of travel provider. Nearly every one of the tours that we provide is unique in some way. Whether it is the attractions we visit, the length of time that we spend, or provisions that we bring, we work to tailor a tour that meets your every need.

How We Operate

Flexible Timelines

In the planning phases of the tour, you can provide us with how much time you’ll have in total, and where you would like to visit. Sidi will coordinate the best itinerary for you based on this information, which gives every tour a unique experience for its travelers.

Relaxed Itineraries

We make sure that you have the time that you need to truly enjoy your experiences. Our tours are not rushed. We pad our itineraries to accommodate life’s happenings. You will have the time that you want to experience our country in your own way, without being denied the pleasure of serendipity. We will also not out-stay any area either — we can promise you will not be bored.

Transparent Pricing

No unexpected incidental charges. We work hard to quote the costs of our excursions so that you are not paying unexpected out-of-pocket fees. Other tour companies will give lower quotes, knowing that it doesn’t fully include some expenses along the way. This is not how we operate.

Authentic Nomads

Sidi Tours prides itself in immersing you in the culture of Mauritania, not just the sites that you’ll see. We are passionate about the lifestyle of nomad culture and will not only take you to destinations, but explain the history, the cultural significance, and the reasoning behind life in Mauritania.